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Please pardon the goofy faces and silly pics you’ll see here from time to time.  I’m just loving life and as they say, just keeping it real.  At my age I’m not really trying to impress anyone.  I’m simply allowing myself the time (finally) to create relaxing, inspirational and restful piano music… even though I REALLY do hope you enjoy it and come back from time to time.  Because there is a lot more music to come and I just know you’re going to Love it.  So if your life is "happening fast" or one of life's many challenges is slapping you upside the head… a bit of Elmer Fudd’s “west and wewaxation at wast” is just what Orrin Howard Piano is all about.  Yes, I’m showing my age on that one.  And always remember, it really is Never Too Late to follow a dream or your heart.

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