Inspirational Hymns and Arrangements

I wanted to pay tribute to our beloved Prophet Thomas S. Monson by combining my arrangements of God Be with You and We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet. Our Savior Jesus Christ said “Come, Follow me.” If you have ever wondered how to do that, simply look to our Prophet and follow his example. President Monson’s example of love for the elderly and serving those in need is legendary.

January 7, 2018


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"President Thomas S. Monson"
May God be with, you till we meet again!
8/21/27 - 1/2/18

Orrin Howard is a new LDS piano artist who creates new arrangements  of hymns and Primary songs by just listening to the music already playing in his mind and letting it flow onto the piano keys. So far he doesn’t read music and only plays by ear which allows him the freedom to express these songs as relaxing and inspirational piano instrumentals. His distinctive and creative style breathes new life into traditional LDS hymns and other original arrangements.  

When he began playing a few years ago, he started with simple cords and while discovering new ones, the thought came to his mind as though someone was speaking, “It’s never too late” and he felt a deeper peace than he had in years. With encouragement from family and friends it was time to share this rare gift.

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